Phillies vs. Padres: Mike Clevenger and Billy Walter made the wrong kind of MLB history with short starts in Game 4

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Padres and Phillies squared off at NLCS Game 4 Saturday night, and with it came baseball history. Questionable history, but history nonetheless. It will end in a back and forth relationship Victory 10-6 Velezwhich means they have a 3-1 lead in a best of seven streak.

The first half already set the tone for a tumultuous night.

I started innocently. Phyllis Novice Billy Walter scored on the first two hitters he encountered. Then Mane Machado went deep to start recording.

It was a harbinger. Here’s what happened next in the first half:

  • Josh Bell followed him with a single and then Jake Cronworth walked before Brandon Drury drove them home with a double. So the score was 3-0 Padres Walther was eliminated from the game. It only lasted 2/3 of the inning, and remember that to move on.
  • Ha Seong Kim greeted new rookie Conor Brogdon with a single, taking Drury to lead 4-0 Padres.
  • At the bottom of the first, Velez wasted no time getting back into the game. Standout player Kyle Schwarber, who came to start scoring in Game 3, moved left to get things started. Then Rhys Hoskins was convinced to cut San Diego’s lead in half.
  • JT Realmuto followed him with a walk and then scored a Bryce Harper missile goal to the right field.
  • Then Padres writer Mike Clevenger was removed. He hasn’t even recorded any songs, which means he hasn’t come out of any roles and has an infinite era in the series.

Remember, Walther didn’t get out of the first half either. Bowlers become 57th and 58th in history to start a playoff and not finish the first half (List here via Stathead). They are the second duo to succeed in the same game. The other time was the fourth game of the 1932 World Championships, when Jay Bush was from Cubs It lasted 1/3 of the half and Johnny Allen from Yankees He went 2/3 of the inning. So, Saturday’s NLCS 4 game marked the first time in MLB history that junior players with fewer than three teams were together.

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This first half saw two doubles, two times at home, two changes on the field, seven runs and it took 48 minutes. After losing Padres, Clevenger described Saturday as “probably one of the worst days of his life”.

Velez did not take the initiative until the end of the fifth inning. The slugfest gave us, in total, 16 rounds on 19 strokes, including six home runs.

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