Police say TikTok is challenging teaching criminals how to start vehicles with USB wires

According to police records, over the past week, at least 35 Hyundais and cabs have been stolen across the city.

Philadelphia (WPVI) – There are growing concerns about the TikTok challenge that is leading to dozens of car thefts in the area.

Authorities say thieves are targeting Hyundai and Kia cars.

At least five Hyundais and sacks from one division were stolen in North Philadelphia over the past weekend alone.

Tanisha Smith was rushing out of her house on Monday morning when she realized her 2019 Kia had been stolen.

Investigators say this is part of the TikTok challenge that teaches people how to start Hyundais and Kias using a USB cable.

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According to police records, at least 35 hyundies and bags have been stolen across the city over the past week.

Smith said she had important documents in her car.

She said, “I have my children’s Social Security cards there, and my medical cards there. I have my debit card, my business card.”

And she wasn’t alone.

Hyundai Joan Fieldhouse also disappeared early Sunday morning.

She says the thieves had a field day in her North Philadelphia department over the weekend.

“When the police officer came … he said I was fourth in the morning, and he was on his way to the fifth officer when he came with me,” Fieldhouse said.

Investigators are warning Hyundai and Kia owners to take extra precautions, including parking in well-lit areas and using steering wheel locks if possible.

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In an earlier statement to Action News, Kia said it was aware of the rise in vehicle thefts in our area but the immobilizer system has been applied to new models and trims. It also said that all Kia vehicles for sale in the United States meet or exceed federal vehicle safety standards.

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