President Zelensky urges Americans to ‘maintain firm unity’ until ‘peace is restored’ in his country

Thirteen Leclerc tanks were sent to Romania to bolster NATO’s eastern flank.

The French army began loading on Tuesday in Mourmelon-le-Grand (Marne) international trains, thirteen Leclerc tanks, which are to join the Cinque military base in Romania, within the framework of the “Aigle” operation, to reinforce. Defense of NATO’s Eastern Front.

This burden “The last act of a complex logistical operation which involved transporting an armored battalion by road and rail to Romania”Colonel Samuel, in charge of logistics at the Land-Europe continental command post in Lille, explained.

Its purpose is to reinforce the mission launched under French command on February 28, 2022, in response to Russian strikes in Ukraine. thirteen chariots and “Two breakdown vehicles in the same range” – Each of the approaches, with their armored carrier, will contain – 100 tons “Over 2,000 Kilometers”It is “A week trip through five different countries in Europe, by train”He described. “These are powerful war machines, but (…) positioned in a defensive posture”He noted.

The first convoys, carrying armored infantry fighting vehicles (VBCI), left the Mourmelon-le-Grand military camp on 18 October with the assistance of 516.e Toule Train Regiment (Meurthe-et-Moselle). In total, “We are in the process of transporting around 150 combat vehicles with their entire environment”Or theirs “Arms, Ammunition and Equipment”what “Shows France’s Place With NATO Allies” In Eastern Europe, Colonel Samuel explained.

They asked for information the world Germany refused to transport these tanks by road, forcing France to charter trains, Colonel Samuel replied. “from the beginning” There was an army “We plan to use railways and roads (…) So avoid saturation.In Romania, “On different logistics platforms”. Tanks are crossing “Five sovereign states, to be used with their terms (…). We ask for border crossing authorizations »Received “Without particular difficulties”He promised.

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