Pride month: 10% of French people say they are LGBT+, according to a survey

According to a survey, one in ten French people identify as LGBT+ Ipsos, in the “Month of Pride” event. In detail, 4% of French people questioned say they are lesbian or gay, 3% bisexual, 1% pansexual (referring to being sexually attracted to anyone regardless of sex or gender) and 1% non-sexually attracted. anyone).

However, these statistics miss the strong disparities between generations: if the share of LGBT + among those born in the mid-1990s to the beginning of the 2010s reaches 19%, it is only 4% for the baby boom generation. “On the other hand, there is little difference between women and men or even between social and geographic categories”, notes Ipsos.

These results are “very close to the average of the 30 countries” where the study was conducted, the polling firm notes. Among the countries tested, Brazil has the highest share of LGBT+ people, at 15%. Spain (14%), Switzerland (13%) and the Netherlands (12%) followed. With 4%, Peru is the country with the lowest percentage of LGBT+ in its population.

Support for same-sex parents

Ipsos notes that “all segments of the LGBT+ community have become more visible over the past two years,” but that this visibility “varies greatly” from one country to another.

Another theme examined by the survey is that opening up marriage to same-sex couples is supported by a majority of the population. In France, the law recognizing marriage for same-sex couples celebrated its tenth anniversary, with two-thirds of those questioned saying they were in favor of it, but 10% still opposed it.

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Support for same-sex parenting is also important in France, where nearly three-quarters of respondents believe same-sex couples have as much chance as other parents of successfully raising their children. “If this opinion is strong among supporters of left-wing parties, it is also among Republicans or a majority of the RN”, notes Ipsos.

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