Prime Minister Boris Johnson retained his job after winning a landslide confidence vote

After several months of “partygate” scandal, the British Prime Minister was subjected to a majority vote of confidence on Monday evening.

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Boris Johnson saved the head. The British Prime Minister won on Monday, June 6, by a decisive vote of confidence within his Conservative majority. He He received 211 votes from Conservative MPs and 148 votes in a secret ballot calling for him to leave.. This decision allows him Be the leader of the party and retain the position of head of government. IHe cannot be targeted by another no-confidence motion for a year, but there is a risk that his power will be significantly reduced.

Two-and-a-half years after winning the election, the 57-year-old leader, increasingly weakened and competing, became embroiled in a “partygate” affair, during which the parties on Downing Street were imprisoned and eventually reopened. May by a catastrophic report describing violations of the rules enacted in the face of Govt. On Monday, Graham Brady, the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee chairman, announced that 15% of MPs or members of parliament had reached the fate of 54 letters calling for Mr Johnson’s leave, prompting a referendum.

Boris Johnson, who argued his case in front of his troops this afternoon, told himself “Happy” The poll takes place: “If you give me your support tonight, we will stop talking about us and start talking only about what we are doing to the people of this country.”According to a Conservative Party official quoted by the AFP, he was beaten.

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At the end of 2018, Theresa May escaped from the resolution of no confidence by a greater margin than her successor, who, before resigning a few months later, became too weak to lead. Boris Johnson has so far refused to resign. A few minutes after the vote, he a “Firm decision”. “As a government we can go and focus on really important things”He added.

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