Ref Mark Goddard explains Jiri Prochazka taps during a UFC 275 fight with Glover Teixeira

In at least one moment, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jerry Prochaska He appears to be subject – very lightly – to Glover Teixeira In the main event UFC 275.

Not so fast, says Mark Goddard, who oversaw the main pay-per-view event on Saturday. The veteran referee said there was a big difference between what Prochazka did – gently patting Teixeira on the side of his body as he attacked Teixeira from the top of a standing position – and the fighter taking off.

Goddard responded on Twitter to a fan’s question about the move “lol”. Jerry was actually congratulating [and] Encourages his opponent! He’s done it a few times and I told him it’s a risky game lol! But it is very clear what he was doing and what he intends to do. Let’s celebrate this amazing achievement from both men.”

The only official submission recorded in the fight came in the fifth round, when Prochazka turned the tables on Teixeira and Throttle bare rear hookless throttle. This was his fourth career lead in over 30 fights.

Prochazka then revealed that he had, in fact, played mind games with Teixeira by talking to him in the middle of the fight. He did not mention his “encouragement” during the press conference nor was he asked about it.

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The Light Heavyweight Champion wouldn’t be the first fighter to confuse the public by making such a connection. UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture famous discount Tito Ortiz On the back end during a winning performance at UFC 44. In the case of Matt Lindland against. Morelo Bustamante in UFC 37a tap on a bar that was completely missed by the referee John McCarthywhich led to a pass that required Bustamante to secure a second serve for the win.

Teixeira did not object to the sequence of ending the fight or anything that led to it. He asks for a rematch with the new hero.

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