Rishi Sunak sacks several ministers, Jeremy Hunt to remain finance minister

Britain’s new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has begun to deliver on his promise that he will “go to work immediately” within an hour of his meeting with King Charles II. Sources said he had requested the resignation of several members of Liz Truss’ team of ministers in preparation for the announcement of his new government.

Three ministers have so far been asked to step down. They include Business Secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg, Attorney General Brandon Lewis and Development Secretary Vicki Ford, the sources said. Reports indicate that Jeremy Hunt – who replaced Kwasi Quarting – will remain finance minister.

In his first address as Prime Minister, Mr. Sunak promised to put “economic stability and efficiency” at the center of this government’s agenda. “Trust is earned and I will earn your trust,” he said, describing his election as a measure to correct the “mistakes” of his predecessors.

Sunak also said his government would deliver on its promise to provide a stronger NHS, safer schools and streets, support the armed forces, raise standards and create jobs. He said he would be characterized by “integrity, professionalism and accountability at all levels”.

The UK is currently facing a massive economic recession that is rapidly progressing into a recession. Critics accused the Conservative Party of failing to remedy the situation.

Last week, Sunak’s predecessor, Liz Truss, resigned after it scared markets about its mini-budget — which included a large component of unfunded tax cuts. A turnaround by Jeremy Hunt, who hired him after Kwasi Quarting’s dismissal, was unable to reverse the economic turmoil.

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Bond yields soared and the pound collapsed to a record low for the dollar amid fears of mounting debt. Sunak’s power grab has stabilized the situation somewhat, but Hunt has warned of “difficult decisions” in the coming days.

In his speech today, Mr. Sunak echoed the sentiment. But he said it would temper “sympathy.”

“During Covid you’ve seen me do everything in my power to protect people and businesses through schemes like vacation. There are always limits, more than ever. But I promise you this, I will offer the same empathy for the challenges we face today,” he said.

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