Russia arrests Wall Street Journal reporter on charges of espionage

Russian state media reported today, Thursday, that an American journalist working for the Wall Street Journal newspaper had been arrested in Russia on charges of espionage.

The Federal Security Agency (FSB) reported that Ivan Gershkovich was detained in the Ural city of Yekaterinburg on suspicion of “espionage for the US government”.

The Interfax news agency reported that the FSB accused Gershkovich of collecting “information constituting a state secret about the activities of a subsidiary of the Russian military-industrial complex”. No evidence was provided.

The Wall Street Journal did not immediately respond to a request last night for comment.

Gershkovitch is a journalist covering Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

He was formerly a correspondent for the AFP and The Moscow Times and a news assistant for the New York Times, according to his account. Author page On the Wall Street Journal website.

latest him conditionin which he participated in the presentation, the headline appeared: “The Russian economy is beginning to decline.”

This is a developing story. . Please check back for updates

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