Russian patriot Grill says he “understands” the decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

The Moscow branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced on Friday that it was breaking with Russia because it supported the offensive launched by Putin and the grill.

Russian patriot Grill promises Sunday “To understandThe decision of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine announced this week that it would sever ties with Russia due to Russian aggression in the Ukrainian neighborhood.

We fully understand the current plight of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, and understand that with His blessing, the Metropolitan Onofrius (head of this church, editorial note) and his pastor must act in a wise way so as not to complicate the lives of their believers.Patriot Grill said during worship at the Cathedral of the Savior of Christ in Moscow.

“Destroy Spiritual Unity”

He said the patriots of Moscow and all Russia should, however, pray that there would be no obstruction.Temporary“Can not”Destroying spiritual unityOf the Russian and Ukrainian populations.

The Moscow branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced on Friday that it would sever ties with Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. “Its complete freedomA historic effort, by Russian spiritual authorities.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian church, AFP, was questioned by the church council.He completely rejected the post of Patriot GrillHas repeatedly supported Russian military action in this country.

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The attack, launched by Vladimir Putin and Grill’s support for the move, put the Ukrainian church, which is annexed by Moscow, into an increasingly unacceptable situation.

Hundreds of his clergy recently signed an open letter calling for Grill to be questioned by a religious tribunal because of his stance on the conflict. Ukraine is home to the Russian Orthodox Church, which houses some of the most important monasteries in the country.

The initiative of the Ukrainian Church was the second Orthodox split in Ukraine in a few years. A section of the Ukrainian church that broke with Moscow in 2019 due to the Kremlin’s involvement in the country pledged allegiance to the Istanbul – based (formerly Constantinople) Orthodox patriot Bartholomew.

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