Russian television broadcasts videos of two missing American volunteers

At least they are alive. Videos of two Americans, missing Ukraine For several days, the official telegram of the chain was broadcast on the messenger Russian public television RT. “Mom, I want to tell you that I’m alive, and I hope to go home as soon as possible,” Alexander Drook said, facing the camera and sitting in the office, apparently exhausted by the military. “I love diesel for me, I love you,” he concludes his brief video with a wink. According to the American media, Diesel is the name of his dog.

Friday, US President Joe Biden Alexander Drook and Andy Huin announced to the press that they did not know where they were, two former American soldiers whose relatives had not asked them since last week. “Americans should not go to Ukraine,” he added. Videos aired by RT did not provide all the answers.

The circumstances under which they were imprisoned are not clear

In a video, Andy Huin explains that he was involved in a “fight with Russian troops” with his friend. Near Kharkov. “Russian forces have taken over our position. We had to back off, ”said Andy Huin. He says the two men, who had been in hiding for several hours, surrendered to Russian forces. Both were filmed in other videos aired by RT, where they say in hesitant Russian that they are “anti-war”. It is not clear at this point what situation the two ex-servicemen are talking about and who is holding them.

A State Department spokesman confirmed Saturday that he had seen photos and videos of two U.S. citizens “allegedly captured by Russian troops in Ukraine.” “We are closely monitoring the situation,” he said.

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“I want to see him safe and healthy.”

Relatives of the two Americans responded to the media this week. Truck’s mother, Lois, told CNN on Thursday that her son had left for Ukraine. “I want everyone to know. We do not want one to return to the other without one. We want everyone to remember that they were best friends and there was not just one person there,” he said.

Andy Huynh’s fiance, Joy Black, says in the same interview that she has not heard anything from him since June 8. “He told me that he loved me so much and that he was not available for two or three days. He tried not to bother me, ”she said. “I want to see him safe and healthy.”

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