Sarah Ferguson publishes the first pictures of Queen Elizabeth’s dogs since the king’s death


The Beloved Queen’s dogs She appears to be in good hands with the Duchess of York.

Sarah Ferguson has shared the first pictures of Queen Elizabeth II’s famous dogs since her ex-mother-in-law’s funeral in September.

The Queen has been passionate about the corgi breed her whole life, owning dozens of dogs. She was often photographed with one or more of her dogs sitting at her feet or behind her. At the time of her death she owned four dogs, A former source told CNN: Two Pembroke Welshi corgis named Sandy and Muick, one “dorgi” (a hybrid of dachshund-corgi) called Candy, and one Lissy cock-spangled.

On Saturday, Ferguson posted pictures on her verified Instagram account It seems that two corgis appear Sandy and Muek.

She wrote “The Gifts That Keep Giving.”

Corgis, a working breed originally intended for herding livestock, are known for their distinctive short legs and fluffy coat.

After the Queen’s death, a source told CNN that the Corgi dogs will live with Ferguson and her ex-husband, Prince Andrew. The couple separated in 1996 but continued to live at the Royal Lodge on Windsor Estate.

Even after the divorce, Ferguson has maintained a strong friendship with the Queen and the two have been walking their dogs together, according to the source.

It’s not clear who takes care of the Queen’s other two dogs, Candy and Lacey.

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