Sergei Lavrov has sparked joy in India by saying that the war in Ukraine has been launched against Russia

The Russian foreign minister struggled to finish his sentence, interrupted by laughter from the assembly, as he spoke of “a war launched against us using the Ukrainians” in New Delhi.

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there”NeutralIndia did not fool its people in Ukraine war. A recent speech by Sergey Lavrov in New Delhi provided a striking proof of this. Invited to a conference on geopolitics in the Indian capital, the Russian foreign minister tried to put his country in the shoes of the victims. He only reaped the joy of the room.

You know the war we are trying to stop that was launched against us using the Ukrainians.He started. But Moscow’s chief diplomat struggled to finish his sentence, interrupted by laughter from his listeners. He finally continued, visibly unsteady: “(The war) has certainly affected Russian policy, including energy policy“.

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Friendship between Moscow and New Delhi

India hosted the G20 meeting on March 1 and 2 and is its chair this year. Several senior US, European, Russian and Asian officials met there, including Sergey Lavrov. Since the start of the war, India has had bilateral relations with Russia, owing to the longstanding relationship between the two. As always since the first days of the invasion, it played the card of neutrality at the UN General Assembly on 24 February. Opting out of non-binding resolution Requesting a withdrawalImmediatelyRussian troops.

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New Delhi never condemned the invasion of Ukraine and accepted what it calls “A balanced approach“. Because India maintains a privileged relationship with Moscow and has done so since the Soviet era. The two countries have a long history of economic cooperation, and Russia has always been generous with technology transfers and joint production. After all, Russia is a major arms supplier. So much so that today,Two-thirds of India’s military equipment is of Russian originยป, As Christophe Jaffrelot, a political scientist specializing in India, underlines.

India also benefits from the fall in Russian oil prices associated with Western sanctions. Increase imports. Thus, India imported 1.2 million barrels per day of Russian oil in December. This is 29% higher than in November. Although it imported only 1% of Russian crude oil before the war, this share reached 18% last April.

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