SNL to continue to tire its hosts, will have Jack Harlow pull double duty as a musical guest

Jack Harlow

Last night, Megan Tee Stallion joined the ranks of the former Saturday Night Live Hosts who have also done double duty as a musical guest (it’s Surprisingly long list), and the NBC Comedy Corporation is already preparing to do it again: last night, SNL He announced that his next show on October 29 will be hosted and hosted by Jack Harlow – an artist who has had an impressive showing this year of “People Don’t Know Who It Is” “Winning the VMAs” to ‘hosting’ SNL(Although other music artists who have made a similar journey can likely attest, it will inevitably lead to a sharp rise in the number of out-of-touch people angrily saying ‘Who is Jack Harlow’ when October 29 falls).

If you don’t know Jack Harlow, he released a new album this year called Come home the kids miss youand (as noted above) won Song of the Summer at the MTV Video Music Awards for “First Class”—plus a few other hits he’s earned from his work on Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby. He will also star in a new version of White men can’t jumpwhich original White men can’t jump Star Woody Harrelson announced that he will be “A better movie than we made.” The new version is directed by Charles Kidd II, also known as Calmatic, who also manages house party Reproduce and direct a small music video titled “Old Town Road”. Kenya Press Books White men can’t jump A remake, Sinqua Walls, Lance Reddick, Teyana Taylor and Vince Staples will appear in it.

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Also, to save you from having to go through The entire slideshow we posted at the start of the seasonwe have correctly predicted zero so far SNL This year’s hosts. In fact, with so many hosts already doing double duty, maybe we could have one episode with so many hosts? Tom Cruise And the Tim Robinson And the Quinta Bronson? They all play Joe Biden in a tired politician sketch that’s also a parody of a tired talk show?

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