SNL Weekend Update and Kate McKinnon Amy Coney Barrett Rip SCOTUS Abortion Plans

Saturday Night Live It took A second criticism of the Supreme Court’s plans to cancel Raw vs. Wade During this week’s ‘Weekend Update’—and while the cold show on the topic was a bit underwhelming, Kate McKinnon’s Amy Connie Barrett stole the show in the follow-up.

Good evening everyone, Colin Jost said at the top of the clip. “Okay guys, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, whether you want it to be one or not.” On the subject of the leak – which he noted could “cause permanent damage to the Supreme Court” – Jost added, “The court is usually cautious, but they slip…and now they have to live with it forever. It seems really unfair.”

Michael Che, Jost’s Fellow on Weekend Update, said he couldn’t understand why conservatives are so aggressively against abortion rights. “You probably don’t think of it as an abortion,” he said. “Think of it as a patriot breaking into the womb to overturn the consequences of an unfair pregnancy.”

Then came McKinnon’s Amy Connie Barrett in all her spooky glee. She insists that the prospect of losing abortion rights isn’t too bad. Her only question during oral arguments reportedly focused on the possibility that safe harbor laws – which protect new parents and guardians from legal recourse for voluntary abandonment of newborns – could mitigate the loss of abortion rights.

“I just don’t understand why you need an abortion,” said Amy Connie Barrett of McKinnon. “You can leave a child anywhere in the United States. Just drop it!”

“on the sidewalk? Drop it. Like Moses in a basket? Drop it. like a baby in jungle book? “Do your nine, then drop that baby and give it to a tiger.”

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“You are fatal if you miscarry, but you are not fatal if you put a baby in a bag in a mailbox,” McKinnon said. “This tracks and it’s good for me…I have seven kids and a job and I’m making it work, so why can’t every other woman do the same thing is a far cry from me—unless I’m missing something about the semester in America. Don’t answer that.”

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