Spain: She fakes being kidnapped and demands a €50,000 ransom from her mother.

A story you only see in movies.

This Monday, the Guardia Civil (the Spanish gendarmerie) announced that it had solved a fake case, Said by our colleagues from 324. In fact, according to gendarmes, a woman living in Tenerife (Canary Islands) received a video in which her own daughter, covered in blood and gagged, appears to be a prisoner. Her captor held her at bay with a blade at her throat.


“If you want to see me alive, you have to pay, I don’t want anything to happen to me”, then the “victim” cried. A ransom of 50,000 euros was demanded from his mother in exchange for his release, which he owed almost 45,000 euros after receiving the first threats.

But a 24-hour investigation was enough for the gendarmes to discover the truth. The girl actually faked her abduction with the complicity of her in-laws. The video’s protagonist and four other members of the “gang” were arrested while at a well-known amusement arcade on the island.

Detenida en Tenerife tras simular su secuestro y exigerle su madre 50,000 euros para su liberación.

The victim received a video en que su hija aparecía amordazada y con sangre falsa, en que pedía crying que pagaran la quantity demand por sus supuestos secuestradores.

— Guardia Civil \ud83c\uddea\ud83c\uddf8 (@guardiacivil) September 5, 2022

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