“Summer will be hot for the Russian invaders,” Kiev promises, announcing the arrival of American Himmers rocket launchers.

Biden, though weak, wants to mobilize the West against Moscow

How can we mobilize the West over time in the face of the war in Ukraine, when we ourselves have lost our diplomatic power and political credentials? However, this is exactly what Joe Biden wants to do at the next G7 and NATO summit.

The 79-year-old Democrat flies to Germany on Saturday, hosting the G7. He will then travel to Spain to meet with the Western Military Alliance. And Joe Biden knows exactly what to expect: “Wherever I go in the world, guess what? They look at me and I tell them “America is back”. The following question may be posed: How long can Joe Biden revive Russia’s response in the form of massive arms supplies and severe sanctions?

Vladimir Putin has barred his US envoy, Joe Biden, from entering Russia. – Michael Metzel / Chung Chung-Jun / AP / SIPA / Canva

“At some point, it will become a game of patience: what the Russians can afford and what Europe is ready to endure,” said Joe Biden. But America is ready to endure it.

Ukraine now occupies far less American television news than the recession, inflation and record prices of petrol. Americans, avid consumers and top motorists, pay their president about 40% of the anemia reputation rating.

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