Talks between Volodymyr Zelensky and Xi Jinping “a very good thing,” according to US

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11:26 p.m : Poland announced that it will deliver the first batch of four MiG-29 fighter-bombers to Ukraine as Kiev asks its Western allies to send them modern fighter-bombers. At the same time, the US considered the dialogue between Volodymyr Zelensky and Xi Jinping to be “a very good thing”. Here’s what to remember from this day on the war front in Ukraine.

(Ratosla Joswiak/AFP)

11:06 p.m : Q’s soldiers await the arrival of Western tanks and fight daily with often broken Soviet-designed machines. In front of Wuhleder, home to the largest tank regiment of the Ukrainian army, Igor makes this observation: he has been working on the T64 tank for four years. “Not a day goes by without something to fix”, He explained to our journalist on the site Thibaut Lefebvre.

A Ukrainian soldier from the 1st Sivarsk Separate Regiment climbs a Soviet-made T64 on the Vuhledar Front (Donbass).(Thibault Lefebvre / Radio France)

5:51 p.m : Poland earlier announced that it will transfer four MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine. “It doesn’t change our analysis. (…) It’s not on the table.”, a White House spokesman reacts. US has always refused to provide flights to Kyiv.

4:49 p.m : The public prosecutor’s office of Chambéry (Savoie) said it supports the extradition to Ukraine of Konstantin Zevako, a businessman and ex-Ukrainian spouse accused of fraud. A part of Ukraine is not in the situation “Extreme Conflict”, the Advocate General believes, for whom his extradition cannot be refused on the ground of danger connected with war. The case was adjourned to March 30.

4:38 p.m : Russian justice designated as “Terrorist Organization” Legion of Russians fighting Ukrainian army against Moscow, “Freedom of Russia”. The decision paves the way for stiff penalties for its members if caught and anyone aiding or abetting the group. His spokesman assured AFP in January that the brigade was later accounted for “several hundred” members in the Donbass.

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4:42 p.m : Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the UN Eric Moss, one of the three commissioners in charge of the inquiry, says investigators have overlooked genocide in Ukraine. “Some aspects may raise questions about this crime.”However, he qualifies

4:31 p.m : Chinese Foreign Minister spoke on phone with his Ukrainian counterpart. “We discussed the importance of regional integration”, assures Dmytro Kouleba. The Chinese diplomatic report did not mention it, but reported other words from Qin Gang : “China fears that the crisis will escalate and get out of control. (…) It hopes that all parties will remain calm, exercise restraint, resume peace talks as soon as possible and return to the path of peace.” A political solution.

2:29 p.m : Poland will send four Soviet-designed MIG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in the next few days, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced.

1:26 p.m : Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church close to Vladimir Putin, KirillCondemns the decision “terrible” Ukraine last week demanded the expulsion of the monks from the Kiev monastery. They are part of a branch of the Orthodox Church that was under the authority of Kirill until May, when he announced he was severing ties with Moscow because of the Russian offensive. However, the Ukrainian government still considers itself dependent on Russia.

2:25 p.m : A factory in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées) will receive an investment of 15 million euros, half of which will come from the state. France is the only manufacturer of shells used for the Caesar rifles sent to Ukraine. France 2 went there.

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12:25 p.m : Official footage of the encounter between a Russian Su-27 and a US MQ-9 over the Black Sea has been released by the US Air Force.

2:21 p.m : US Department of Defense Put it online He presents a video of the incident with two Russian planes that led to the downing of a US drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday. We see fighter jets grazing the drone and rejecting the plume attacking the US aircraft. According to Washington, it was a release of fuel, and a second Russian device hit the drone’s propeller, which appears to have twisted in the last images.

12:15 p.m : Considered one of the greatest fortunes of his country, he has prosecuted many cases over the years. The question now is simple: Will France extradite Constantin Zevako? The businessman was arrested in Savoy late last year. He was sought after by Q. Justice is now considering the request of the Ukrainian authorities.

11:03 am : Poland says it has completely dismantled a Russian spy network that was operating in support of a Moscow-launched offensive in Ukraine. “It was an intelligence group that gathered information for those who attacked Ukraine.”Polish Defense Minister told PR1 public radio.

10:56 : German chancellor Olaf Scholz judged “Especially important” provide “quickly” The ammunition needed to repel the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

12:04 p.m : Training of troops abroad, additional resources, strategic positioning, morale of the forces… We explain to you how kyiv is preparing to launch a counteroffensive in the spring.

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