Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Arrives in London, Environmentalists Repaint Airport Orange

Environmentalists (here on June 20) attack the airport where Taylor Swift’s private jet landed. © Oil stop

Environmentalists (here on June 20) attack the airport where Taylor Swift’s private jet landed. © Oil stop

Environment – ​​History repeats itself. Two climate activists from the Just Stop Oil group stepped onto the tarmac of Stansted International Airport near London, where Taylor Swift’s plane landed, this Thursday, June 20; They sprayed private jets with orange paint. However, activists are not sure if they targeted the star’s device as they did not find the identification number.

“Cole and Jennifer cut fence at private Stansted airport where Taylor Swift’s plane is parked, urge emergency deal to phase out fossil fuels by 2030” Tell the collective in a video posted on X.

Arriving at this busy airport around 5am (French time), the 22- and 28-year-old activists want to blame. “Billionaires who don’t care about living conditions, live in luxury and fly on private jets” Millions of people are affected by the effects of the climate crisis. “Passengers using private jets are responsible for 14 times more CO2 emissions than traveling on a commercial airline”They add.

The young activists specifically mention Taylor Swift, who is set to perform in London this weekend and whose private jet has been blamed for 8,000 tonnes of carbon. However, the singer’s spokesperson denied that the artist was on every flight, saying that her plane was being used by others.

continuous actions

If ” The airport and flights are operating as usual “, Essex Police indicates, the activists have been charged “Criminal damage and obstruction of use or operation of national infrastructure”, add officers. Young women were arrested.

These controversial acts, especially in museums or during sporting events or performances, are increasingly recurring and continue to draw condemnation from its enthusiasts. On Wednesday, the Just Stop Oil team sprayed paint on the monolith of Stonehenge, the famous English prehistoric site, as it prepares to welcome thousands of visitors for the summer solstice.

The gesture was condemned by British politicians of all stripes, particularly Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and his Labor rival Keir Starmer.

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