The 1000th Pokemon Scarlett/Violet is like a cryptic mascot

Gholdengo is standing in a field updating its Binance wallet.

The crazy boys at GameFreak have done it again. Scarlet Pokemon And the Violet push serial Pokédex total into four forms, and the 1,000th special Pokémon turns out to be a water-skiing gold coin with a plush pack called Gholdengo. Will you sell me cryptocurrency? Really made of encryption?? I can’t wait to find out.

I first learned about Gholdengo From IGN, who noted the striking resemblance between the coin entity and a General Mills cereal mascot, but was unfavorable in its praise. It turns out that Gholdengo is the evolved form of Gimmighoul, a Dungeons and DragonsSimulated box in the style revealed by Nintendo earlier in the month. How this evolution happens is the real magic. YouTube described as“Probably one of the most boring rad developments you will experience in your entire life.”

When you defeat Jamigol he drops gold coins. Once you get to 1000, your Gimmighoul will evolve into Gholdengo on the next level up. The Pokédex entry reads: “Its body appears to be made of 1,000 coins.” “This Pokémon gets along well with others and is quick to make friends with anyone.”

I’m sure about that he is Quick to make friends. One moment you’re feeding Gholdengo a Bocadillo de Jamón, and the next he’s talking your ear off about how the Dengo Coin farm earns 16 percent and you should buy the dip on it. FTX token that just exploded. Web 3.0 will not make itself. Now be a good Pokémon trainer and ditch those trademarks for some NFTs.

To the extent that Gholdengo looks like a walking Ponzi scheme, it’s low testament to the private chain Impeccable durability through decades. Pokemon Too big to fail. carmine And the Violet‘s performance problems It cannot be prevented from being The most pre-ordered game in franchise Date. So what if the 1,000th creature from the series looks like it just came back made by DeFi TikToks in Burning Man?

At the end of the day, for good or bad, millions of people, myself included, will do whatever it takes to get another chance to catch this. Adorable abominations and run throughCalculus in a pre-made sheet so obtuse that it will even make your own H&R BCrying lock accountant. Even if the pokemon in question is him literal keyseriesAnd the Ice cream cone, or in this case, Gholdengo. I’m gonna pick up a lot of this damn stuff, and we’ll do it Catch Our diamond hands until the seas shine and swallow us all.

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