The city of Bagmouth will fall into Russian hands “in the next few days”; Public lighting back in Cork

Cover Image: The NATO secretary general remains pessimistic about the future of the city, the heart of the fighting for months. For the Ukrainian president, his fall would allow Moscow “free passage” in the east. Lipkos / AB

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told CNN on Tuesday that his armed forces remained in Baghmouth to protect the city.At the center of months of deadly fighting. “After Buckmouth we understand, [les Russes] Can go further. They can go to Gramadores, to Slovians, the way will be clear to other cities in Ukraine (…)He declared.
  • Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden pledged to maintain their support for Kyiv during a telephone exchange on Tuesday.. The presidents of France and the United States have confirmed. Their commitment to continue providing security assistance to Ukraine and imposing sanctions for Russian aggression”A White House press release explains.
  • Ursula von der Leyen has warned that Europe will never accept Russia threatening its security. During a speech in Canada on Tuesday, the president of the European Commission said, “Unwavering Military and Economic Support” For Ukraine, while insisting on Russia “His aggression pays for crime”After proposing in November to set up a special tribunal.
  • Residents of Kherson and the region are being urged to leave the region by civil authorities and the regional military administration, Russian troops continue shelling residential areas. On Monday alone, nearly 360 projectiles hit the area, damaging houses and apartment buildings and injuring four people, the city council said.
  • Ukraine calls for international efforts to keep Black Sea sea lanes open Used to transport millions of tons of grain to African countries. According to Kyiv, 2.7 million tons of grain have been shipped since November, when Kyiv launched its “Grain from Ukraine” program, mainly to poor African countries.
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