The convicted murderer who was the focus of the ‘Serial’ podcast has been released after 23 years in prison.

A US judge on Monday, September 19, overturned the conviction of a man who had been held for 23 years for murder, which he always denied. Adnan Syed, 42 years old He was sentenced to life in prison for the 2000 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, 18, in Baltimore. Arrested at the age of 17, Adnan Syed was sentenced to life imprisonment a year later.

In an unexpected twist, City Attorney Marilyn Mosby filed a motion to overturn Adnan Syed’s conviction last week, saying she has doubts about his guilt and asking for his release. She explained that she had found out “Two Alternative Suspects”Important information was poorly exploited at the time and, above all, was not communicated to the defense before the trial.

The magistrate upheld the plea of ​​the prosecutor during the hearing on Monday. “In the interest of justice and fairness, movement [du parquet] accepted and the accused shall be acquitted” And fitted with an electronic bracelet, the judge said.

For her part, the lawyer Marilyn Mosby He insisted that there was no justice “Adnan Syed not yet declared innocent” He will also await the results of additional DNA analysis before deciding whether to drop the charges against him or conduct a new trial. She has 30 days. Whatever her decision, he vowed to continue the investigation “Hae Min Lee’s family needs to know for sure who is the culprit”.

In 2014, a group of journalists conducted a counter-investigation into the case, told in twelve episodes in the first season of “Serial”. Pioneering the era of podcasts, this radio soap opera has been downloaded more than 300 million times, according to its producers. It also spawned a documentary on HBO that aired in 2019. The podcast announced on its Twitter account on Monday that a new episode of “Serial” will air on Tuesday morning.

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