The country has become a “crime scene” and Zhelensky is calling for help again

You missed recent events related War in Ukraine ? Every evening at 7:30 pm 20 minutes are reserved for you. Who did what? Who said what? Where are we? Answer below:

News of the day

The lawyer for the International Criminal Court (ICC) went to Potsdam on Wednesday. Ukraine is a “crime scene”, Britain’s Karim Khan has ruled in this city near Q. The bodies of hundreds of civilians were found at the end of March After the withdrawal of Russian troops, according to Ukrainian officials.

“We have good reason to believe that Crimes are committed within the jurisdiction of the court Kareem Khan told reporters that the ICC forensic team was preparing to work in Ukraine, “so that we can actually separate the truth from the myths”.


“Yes, I called it genocide.”

This is Joe Biden’s answer To journalists to qualify for the situation in Ukraine, which was invaded by Moscow. “It is increasingly clear that Putin is simply trying to destroy the notion of being Ukrainian,” he said, adding that “evidence is growing”. Comments considered “unacceptable” by the Kremlin.


100. “Look 100 sites were damaged or completely destroyed It will pass through Ukraine on Thursday or Friday, ”warned Lazarus Eleundo Azomo, director of the UNESCO World Heritage Center. On these sites: 11th and 12th century historical monuments, churches, churches, unique objects of worship, theaters, marijuana and other archives. He recalled that the “deliberate destruction of sites marked with the blue symbol” of the conference could be considered a war crime.

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The trend of the day

Russian forces continued their offensive on Wednesday, knocking down the Mariupol area in southeastern Ukraine. “1,026 Ukrainian soldiers of the 36th Marine Infantry Regiment have voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered,” Moscow said. If some military experts consider its fall to be inevitableUkrainian forces continue to cling to the Russians after more than six weeks of war, which is now concentrated in the city’s vast industrial zone. Ukrainian militants are hiding underground.

Taking Mariupol will be an important victory for the Russians and it will allow them The Donbass region connects with Crimea, The Ukrainian president again called on Europe for help. Volodymyr Zhelensky called on the West to act quickly against Russia, believing that “we can stop Russia or lose the whole of Eastern Europe.” “If Europe wastes time, Russia will use it to expand the war zone to other countries,” he added in a speech to the Estonian parliament.

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