The death toll from the heavy rains has risen to 79 and 56 people are still missing

The number of heavy rains is increasing dramatically Brazil. Bad weather caused Flood Landslides have killed at least 79 people and left 56 missing since Tuesday in the country’s northeastern Recife region, according to the latest official report released on Sunday.

Caused the storm Landslides At the edges of the mountains, the rivers overflowed, and the great mud carried away everything in its path. At a quiet time, about 1,200 people, including helicopters and boats, were on Sunday searching for the missing and isolated.

19 killed in landslide

Footage released by local authorities shows rescue workers and volunteers clearing debris at Jordim Monteverde on the border between Recife and Jaboatao dos Guararapes Municipality. This area is just that Slums The biggest drama took place on Saturday morning when 19 people were killed in a landslide.

Between Friday evening and Saturday morning, some parts of Bernambuco received 70% of the rainfall normally expected throughout May. “Even if the rain stops, we expect heavy rain in the next few days. So the first thing to do is to maintain defensive measures, ”said Daniel Ferreira, the regional development minister who flew over the disaster area with other Brazilian officials. President Jair Bolsanaro announced his intention to go to Recife on Monday.

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