“The Fall of the World’s 3rd Richest Man. Rich people who denounce fraud don’t need to pay taxes! “. Edited by Charles Channott

My dear wretched, dear innocents,

He is the 3rd richest man on the planet and the richest man in Asia with assets of $121 billion.

The last few days have been a descent into hell.

Moral of the story is enough for everyone.

Here as elsewhere.

Either way the problem is the accumulation of wealth and we have a few millionaires, the problem is always respecting the laws, and avoiding overstepping the bounds and fraud in general.

When you do your job, when the press does its job, when parliamentarians do their job, when justice does its job, there is no problem in a healthy and functional democracy because the cleanup is done very quickly.

However, over the years, here, at home, there, many people forget to do their job and often hide suspicious activities. Business no longer comes out, and when it does, it is quickly swept away.

In 5 days, ADANI Group lost more than half of its capital and its founder half of his wealth. At current prices, he is not even among the 10 richest people.

An activist funds Hindenburg Research LLC

Hindenburg Research LLC was founded by Nathan Anderson in 2017 and is an investment research firm specializing in short selling based in New York. Named after the Hindenburg disaster of 1937, which is classified as a preventable man-made disaster, the company makes public statements through its website alleging corporate fraud and malpractice. It is a very young company.

There is one great specialty that I greatly appreciate. Once she investigates the companies and finds out what’s wrong, she writes a nice report that’s pretty naughty, if you read and understand the rest.

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In fact, before releasing its report and its research results, the company takes short selling positions. Then, once the bonds are sold short, it makes the results of its investigations public.

And there… aggravating the course of the company involved apparently collapsed and Hindenburg Research made a substantial profit.

I find the idea of ​​error and fraud at the hands of the market and the tools of speculator billionaires very elegant.

Legal problems will inevitably arise very quickly with what Hindenburg Research has now done and by striking the world’s 3rd fortune, it is not said that the company will not subject itself to investigation. Especially the concept of conflict. Curiously, though, the logic behind investigating a company before investing one’s money is still a good idea.

Actually, it’s called work.

But no one works in our world, starting with journalists who only copy messages sent from official news agencies or the press releases of mammoochis and other competent and recognized “authorities”.

Meanwhile, it’s free fall for our future ex-billionaire!

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Brace yourselves!

Charles Channott

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“To suppress peaceful revolutions, one makes violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK)

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