The gaming industry summons toxic audiences

Yesterday was a sad day in the gaming industry. In less than 24 hours we got the news Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert He no longer talks about the upcoming release of Return to Monkey Island after misusing the Internet, and God of War Ragnarok Producer He had to ask everyone to be patient while waiting for more news about the game.

It has since emerged that some members of the gaming community have sent unsolicited pictures of their private parts to God of War Team Ragnarök members. Somehow they thought that this would suddenly make Sony Santa Monica give the world an update on the game’s release date… How they came to that conclusion is far from me.

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Since all of this happened, prominent members of the industry have been making their voices heard and calling out the toxic behavior of these so-called fans.

Following the news that Gilbert disrupted his blog yesterday, Naughty Dog co-chairman Neil Druckman wrote: “Wow! Even useful adventure games aren’t safe from toxic ‘fans’ who know better than the original creators?!”

“Ron (and the team), keep making what you believe in! Sounds great! I’m in there silly day!”

He continued, “Honestly…as a huge fan of a game series that changed my life, I feel lucky to be getting another Monkey Island from Ron Gilbert. I want to see his team and not see anyone else.”

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Meanwhile, actor Dominic Armato Gibrusch-Threbowd wrote: “For a society that fiercely defends its medium as art, there are too many people who go out of their way to treat it as a dumb commodity.”

As Alex Mann, Director of Development at EA, voiced Gilbert’s decision to step back from the internet, he wrote: “When people keep asking or wondering why some game studios don’t communicate or talk about pre-release games anymore? Or why don’t they interact with the communities?” [and] A cost to mental health to keep trying.”

Sony Santa Monica’s Cory Barlog also gave his support to Gilbert after the news, writing, “What the hell is this? Please don’t be stupid to my gaming hero. Sorry for the bullshit, Ron. Thank you for making things that inspire me to make things. Don’t stop making That’s more.”

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Sadly, that wasn’t the only tweet Barlog had to share with his followers yesterday about being a decent human being in general.

Regarding the previously mentioned NSFW photos that were sent to Team God of War Ragnarök, Barlog wrote: “Are you kidding me about this now???

“I can’t believe I have to say this but don’t send sexual pictures to anyone on this team, or anyone in the industry for that matter.

Show some damned respect.

Sony Santa Monica game writer Alana Pierce went on to give her followers a “common sense reminder.”

“Yelling at people during video game release dates does absolutely nothing. Even if harassing people causes you to (ever) give you a date, you gain absolutely nothing by finding out before the team is ready to participate.”

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Gamertag radio co-host Paris also shared his thoughts on what’s going on, tweeting: “Stop harassing game developers. What I’ve seen in the past few days is horrible.”

“Be better than this,” he finished.

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