The Houston Astros beat the Philadelphia Phillies by winning Game 6


The Houston Astros He won his second World Franchise Championship on Saturday after defeating the Philadelphia Phillies 4-1 in Game 6 at Minute Maid Park.

It was Velez who started the scoring at the top of the sixth inning with Kyle Schwarber’s single shot at home from the Astros beginning with bowler Framber Valdez, who was able to limit the damage before being pulled off after the sixth. Valdez finished with nine hits and allowed only two hits and runs.

After allowing two starts, Phillies player Zach Wheeler was pulled out of the match with one exit at the bottom of the sixth inning. Velez’s Jose Alvarado gave up his game three times at home to Astros footballer Jordan Alvarez to give Houston the lead. Houston was going to go on another tour on Christian Vazquez’s single.

Astros closer Ryan Pressley came to close the game and make sure the fans in Houston could go home to celebrate his World Championship win.

The Astros’ rising star, Jeremy Pena, was named World Series Most Valuable Player. Pena became the first rookie in MLB history to win the award, according to the league.

After trailing 2-1 during the first three games of the World Series, Houston achieved the same streak after throwing combined not hitter In Game 4. Game 5 saw Justin Verlander win his much-anticipated first World Championship career after winning. set up five runs With six hits and giving up one run.

Astros captain Dusty Baker can now add the World Series Champion to his impressive managerial career.

When asked if the win “hit” him yet, Baker said, “It hit me just fine.”

“It hit me as soon as that ball—Jordan hit one over the moon there,” Becker added.

Baker was also asked what the most enjoyable part of the race was for him, and he quickly replied that the answer hadn’t “sinked yet” but described the team as “the greatest group of guys”.

“They told me in spring training they were going to win,” Becker said. “Now, what next? Party, party!”

The Astros win was the first time since 2013 that a team had won the title at home. And Minute Maid Park wasn’t always a happy place to look for the team.

Houston has stumbled twice since the first team title in 2017. The Astros appeared in the Fall Classic in 2019 against the Washington Nationals and 2021 against the Atlanta Braves, both of which led to losses.

The team’s victory in 2017 brought a lot of questions and controversy.

After the win, Astros owner and manager Jim Crane fired then-manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow after MLB suspended them for one season without pay over a signal-stealing scandal.

Major League Baseball discovered that the club illegally set up a system that decodes and transmits signals for opposing teams during the 2017 championship season.

The team lost their regular picks in the first and second rounds in the 2020 and 2021 drafts and paid a $5 million fine.

The Astros retained their title – but for many fans outside of Houston, that title is still shrouded in scandal.

For Philadelphia, the loss resulted in heartbreak as the franchise was seeking its first championship since 2008. The city suffered a double whammy on Saturday as Philadelphia Union Lost in penalties to Los Angeles FC for the 2022 MLS Cup Final earlier in the afternoon.

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