The iPhone 14 Pro may have a single bean-shaped notch when turned on

shoes Suggested a long time ago That iPhone 2022 models will have two notches at the top of their screens: one for the camera, and one for FaceID ( “hole + bead design” As noted by Chancellor Ross Young). a new leak from mac rumors, Quoting an “unknown pupil”, he notes that the two notches will appear as a single pill-shaped notch when the iPhone screen is active.

apple, per Mac rumorsSource, to turn off the pixels between these two slits to create a contiguous black space.

The source also suggests that the company “intends to visually expand the blocked areas around the cutouts to host content.” In other words, the iPhone can use this black space, and it can change the size of the notch depending on those purposes.

This rumor boxes with Modern patents that have been published, including proposals to separate the phone’s infrared light emitter from the base notch. “The infrared light emitter can be placed in a location with a less restricted space, and the light folding element can be used to project infrared light in a specific direction,” the description reads about these patent claims. “This can reduce the overall size of the imaging and sensing components, thereby reducing the size of the notch to hold the imaging and sensing component and increasing the device’s display area.”

Rumors come from Apple event elusiveMany new iPhone models are expected. The Pro model is expected to include a new chip, a self-focusing selfie camera, and raise prices. We’re also expecting new Apple Watches, including the Apple Watch Series 8, and potential updates to the AirPods Pro line.

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