The last of the Seahawks, Baker Mayfield

There is a very short list of teams that have the interest and funds to trade for Baker Mayfield. One of the teams on that list is the Seahawks, who were recently reported Great interest In acquiring Browns QB.

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Seattle represented one of the most logical business destinations once Mayfield’s trade order became public. Will bring descent more than Drew LockAnd more Jeno Smiththe two incumbents currently assigned to start the job-Russell Wilson era. The fact that a Jimmy Garoppolo In addition, it will require intra-divisional trade noting that the previous No. 1 general pick ended up in Emerald City.

The speculation continued when I came out with it Mayfield himself was also interested in Seattle As a destination, echoing ideas he announced earlier in the off-season once his commercial demand became known. However, the sense that a deal could be reached soon (or anytime) may be unfounded.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network threw cold water on the remarkable connection between the Seahawks and Mayfield. When appearing in a file Pat McAfee ShowHe said he had never heard “nothing assure Baker of the Seahawks at all” (video Link). He added that the Seahawks’ family had “never really been interested in him”.

There is a difference, of course, between teams like the Seahawks (or his other, more anticipated destination, the Panthers) trading in Mayfield’s favour – and so they accommodate At least some of his $18.9 million hood – And his signature as a free agent upon his release or the expiration of his contract next year. If Seattle stays committed to their current QB room, as head coach Carol’s house He indicated that they wouldAttention will turn again towards Carolina.

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The most important next step is Brown’s decision on how to deal with Mayfield Deshaun Watson. Presumably they will wait until a final ruling on the latter’s eligibility to play in 2022 before trading the former winner with Heisman, which will likely happen before training camp, adds Rapoport. Until then, this will remain a story worth watching for all parties involved.

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