The latest ‘update’ for the Google Play Store is bigger than ever

Just press the button already

When you think about updating your Android apps, you don’t have to search any further than the Google Play Store. The store has seen its fair share of reviews as Android has evolved over the years, such as adopting the materials it designs, and Complete redesign From the user interface on Android tablets And Chromebooks. Now the Play Store app is picking up a subtle update for the update, if you will, with a visual tweak in the appearance of the app’s update button.


Using materials that are redesigning the Play Store, we’ve replaced the rectangular buttons with disc-shaped buttons. As I spotted it 9to5GoogleOn the Pending Downloads screen, the buttons to update individual apps (or all at once) are now larger than they used to be.

Slim refresh buttons (the left) They are replaced by cute, large, plump ones (truly)

The longer buttons seem to be being rolled out more widely, but it’s a server-side change, so you may need to wait a bit before you see this UI tweak on your machine. We spot it on most of us, however, so your chances are probably pretty good.

9to5Google also reports that the Play Store has a new bug that was triggered by Data integrity department It is found in all applications list. Expanding this may cause the app to crash for some people, but most of them are said to remain unaffected. It appears to be a device specific issue and not an issue with your Google account, so the Play Store may crash on some phones, while it works normally on others. For now, you can try using another device or the Google Play Store website to access the data security section if you encounter this issue.

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