The newest pokemon in scarlet and violet is a scary little puppy

Well, let’s say hi to a brand new Pokemon that we are going to meet in the Baldia region. Or should we say “boo”? Latest addition to pokemon scarlet and violet Revealed – and it might scare you!

The Pok√©mon Club Ghost Club from Naranja Academy discovered an adorable Ghost puppy and snapped shots for us all To see on YouTube. Should Fido be afraid? Maybe…but you can never have too many dog ‚Äč‚ÄčPokemon, especially when one is a little intimidating.

This pup’s name is Greavard, and he’s a pure ghost type – he’s so shaggy and fluffy, you can’t see his eyes. He has a candle over his head – Litwick owns it, perhaps? He is very playful too, and enjoys hiding in the ground and the candle sticking out.

But it seems his hilarity can lead to something very scary – it can make you sleepy. Or is it stealing your soul? The ‘broadcast’ ends with the student fainting, the camera dropping, and the dog licking her face. Uh …?

Just another perfect friend to add to your ‘dex, then? Yes of course. And the fact that he’s friendly And the Can you feel lonely? We’ll let this little one scare us any time.

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