The Orion module is deployed as planned after the successful liftoff of the rocket

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08:14 : A final push from the top position at about 1h30 after the Artemis mission rocket is launched will put the Orion capsule on its way to the Moon. She will join her in a few days. The module will then orbit the moon without landing there. It should be around her for a week. This Artemis 1 mission will last over 25 days.

08:01 : #Artemis1 🚀 ✅Stop Engines ✅Final Floor Separation All nominal!21/..

08:01 : Eight minutes after liftoff, the main stage separated as scheduled to fall back into the Pacific Ocean.

07:57 : After the Artemis mission’s giant rocket takes off, the two boosters are well separated. So far, everything is going as planned.

07:54 : Here are images of the Artemis mission’s rocket launch towards the Moon:


07:49 : Artemis Mission’s Giant Rocket Launches to the Moon Successfully!

07:48 : The launch of the Artemis mission’s giant rocket is an important step, as it should mark the validation of the launcher and the Orion module, which will carry astronauts to the Moon in a few years. The Artemis mission aims to establish a manned platform on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite.

07:42 : Hello, you can follow the giant rocket lift off of the Artemis mission Our life. Scheduled to take off in five minutes!

07:42 : Hello fi direct release link? Good day!

07:41 : The planned capture is over and we’re “going” to start! We are now 10 minutes from liftoff of #Artemis I! Now to the music:

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07:40 : The time for Artemis’s departure approaches. Now scheduled for 7:47am Paris time!

07:29 : NASA’s Nail says a “rough estimate” of the remaining work is “no earlier than 1:45 a.m. ET,” but no new T-0 time yet.

07:37 : NASA warns that Artemis’ liftoff cannot happen before 7:45 a.m. Paris time, as preparations are still underway.

06:54 : We are at our scheduled hold in T-10 minutes. Currently, the upper level is 78% filled with liquid hydrogen. The core state is at the top – both liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen are 100% filled. Ethernet switch replaced and checked.

06:53 : NASA will release a new T-0 time “once the launch team can determine how much work remains.” There’s no new launch time yet, but a slip is expected in the two-hour window past 1:04 a.m. ET. Opening.

06:52 The Artemis mission’s giant rocket is scheduled to lift off from Florida this morning at 7:04 a.m. Paris time, with a two-hour launch window. So it can take place till 9.04 am. Preparation for takeoff was plagued by a fuel leak in recent hours, which was finally fixed.

06:18 : 6 hours, let’s start with the first point of the message:

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After several postponements, the Artemis mission’s giant rocket is set to take off for the moon this morning from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Follow our life.

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