The president’s daughter, Brenda Bia, likes to politicize her coming out

He revealed his homosexuality only 10 days ago. Cameroon President Paul Biya’s daughter spoke to reporters on Tuesday. He says he has faced hostile reactions, but hopes his action will change the law in his home country.



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"I'm crazy about you and want the world to know", writes Brenda Pia on Instagram, revealing her relationship with Brazilian model Leonce Valenza.  (Instagram screenshot by Brenda Pia (@kingnastyy))

Same-sex couples in Cameroon face up to five years in prison and fines. Coming from the head of state’s own daughter, 91-year-old Paul Biya, a former seminarian who has been in power for more than four decades, is highly symbolic. “I’m crazy about you and I want everyone to know it“, this is the message that Brenda Pia published on social networks. A message with a photo, where we see her kissing her partner, a Brazilian model. Ten days after this coup, she said in the newspaper of Tuesday, July 9. Parisian. He, who has lived in Switzerland since his youth, says his family became aware of his homosexuality through this publication on social networks. “My parents called me and asked me to remove it“, she says. “But I was already overwhelmed. Radio silence since then“.

The Cameroonian president did not comment. The subject is still largely taboo in the political class and in Cameroonian society. Only an anonymous government source mentioned it was coming out to our colleagues at RFI. Brenda Pia lives in Switzerland.It concerns the personal life of an adult living outside the country“, this source argues,”This in no way makes Cameron or the head of state“. So it is labeled as a double argument of personal life and outside of Cameroon. However, Paul Biya’s daughter wants to politicize her gesture. She says that she hopes that this speech will liberate others in Cameroon. And also make it possible to change the law.At least remove the prison sentence“He realized that the fight between same-sex couples would be difficult.

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Cameron to vote in 2025 No one knows whether Paul Biya will seek an eighth term. He is the longest elected leader in the world today. The re-elections were contested by NGOs, Western governments and opponents, some of whom were jailed. Its supporters “Stability“And security, at a time when the country is threatened by jihadists in the north and an insurgency by English-speaking people in the west.

But if an unpopular president decides to hand over, power reverts to his loyalists. It would already be a question of the most influential president’s secretary-general, or finance minister, but Frank Bia, son of Paul Bia, is more in the fray for his popularity. The mystery of family trees is that the son can ensure the succession of the rule after his father, while his daughter tries to challenge the established order.

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