The remains of missing British journalist Tom Phillips have been formally identified on the Amazon

Specialized training on Human remains are found in the Amazon Confirmed that they really are British journalist Tom PhillipsPolice said Friday that he went missing on June 5 with Brazilian expert Bruno Pereira. Brazilian.

The Federal Police said in a statement that “this confirmation is possible by otontological examination of samples analyzed in a laboratory in Brasilia.” “The work of comprehensive identification to better understand the cause of death, the dynamics of crime and the concealment of corpses continues,” he added.

The day before, police pointed out that the elements they found at this stage of the investigation led them to believe that “the killers acted alone without a sponsor and without a criminal organization behind the killings.”

Two suspects arrested

The remains of Dom Philips were found Wednesday at the location indicated by one of the two suspects arrested, a fisherman known as “Bellato” Amarillo da Costa de Oliveira, who admitted the day before he buried the bodies.

The Union of Indigenous Peoples of Jawari Valley (Uniwaja), whose members have been actively involved in the search, denied the police version on Friday. “Not just two killers, but an organized group planned the crime to the smallest detail,” Uniwaja said in a statement.

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