The star general was suspended for mocking Jill Biden

The official joked about the US first lady’s tweet lamenting the loss of rights for “women” following the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion.

We don’t make fun of the First Lady of America. The U.S. Army has suspended its former communications chief, Gary Wolsky, following his mocking response to Jill Biden’s tweet. He regretted the Supreme Court’s judgment on June 24 To cancel Roe. Wade, thus allowing every state to ban abortion. “For nearly 50 years, women have had the right to make their own decisions about their bodiesThe First Lady wrote. Today this right has been taken away from us“.

A sarcastic reply erupted from the three-star general. “Glad to finally know what a girl is“, Gary Wolski responded in a tweet that has since been deleted but was revealed by the daily on Saturday USA Today. Army spokeswoman Cynthia Smith said The Washington Post Retired Army Officer,Pending the outcome of the investigationOpened by command, he was suspended from his training contract within the military.

The White House declined to comment when asked by the US press. According to the US press, the tweet by the Pentagon-hired expert was a violation of the reserve required of all retired civil servants and generals, and an unwelcome intrusion “In party politics“.

A reference to the transgender issue

What did the officer mean by his tweet? The U.S. press sees this as an exchange that took place last March between Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn and new Supreme Court Justice Katanji Brown Jackson during a House of Representatives hearing to confirm her nomination. The chosen ones called the future judge “WomenOn Transgender Rights. “I can not. Not in this context“, replied Marsha Jackson, justifying herself.”Not a biologist“. “The meaning of the word “woman” is so unclear and controversial, can you give me a definition?“, urged the Republican representative without getting answers yet.

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Among many reactions to the Supreme Court’s ruling on abortion, some radical feminists in the United States have condemned the use of the term “”.WomenTo speak out for people affected by restrictions on abortion. Trans-exclusive radical feminists (TERF), in particular, find the term discriminatory and prefer gender-inclusive language.

This isn’t the first time the 60-year-old star general, who served in the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan, has let his political views shine through on Twitter. In July 2021, this former military spokesman responded to Representative Liz Cheney, who announced that he wanted to sit on a select committee investigating the attack on the Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump. “Our commitment to the Constitution must be beyond party politics“Wrote the House Republican-elect. Here’s what Gary Wolski responded: “This is a matter of party politics“.

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