The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes starting Thursday, June 2, 2022

Today, energy is becoming more and more persistent in realizing that your truth is unquestionable.

Saturn in Aquarius prepares for retrograde on the 4th of June, as its energy will slow down and become more intense making you feel less involved in the gray areas of life.

Saturn is the planet That govern divine timing, karmic lessons, and boundaries.

Although this is not necessarily fun, it is a planet responsible for changing your entire life, once you learn many of these karmic lessons.

Saturn helps you hold on to what you know to be your truth rather than appearing as unfamiliar, or asking permission from others to continue. Today, Saturn in Aquarius creates a deep relationship with Mercury retrograde in Taurus.

Only one prepares to go straight. The other just started their journey back.

This highlights what topics you will communicate with or be flexible about and what you want.

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Life is all about flow, but the difference between that and just being dragged by the current is knowing your truth and sticking with it. This becomes more possible today.

Mercury and Saturn create an alliance that helps you respect your deepest truth without any apology.

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