Things to remember from Friday, June 3rd

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Friday, June 3, the 100th day of the conflict that his country would win the war against Russia. Moscow, which has been concentrating its forces in the Donbass area, says for its part that it has already reached. “Some” Its purposes. At the diplomatic level, the EU has gradually tightened its sanctions against Russia with an oil embargo. Here is what to remember that day.

“Victory will be ours,” says Volodymyr Zhelensky

The Russian offensive has been the focus of several weeks in the Donbass region, especially on the strategic city of Zhivrodonetsk in the east of the country, where Ukrainian troops are trying to defend themselves. “Success is ours”Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky said on Instagram, Moscow considers it fulfilled “Some” Its purposes.

Russia considers that “Many places” Would have been “Liberation”Allowing people to come back “Peaceful Life”. “There is no winner in this war and will not win”Estimated Amin Awad, the country’s UN coordinator. ThenNegotiations between kyiv and Moscow had stalled for several weeks.

The Frenchman was killed in battle

A Frenchman was killed, “War Wounded” In Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced. Presented by the Ministry His Condolences to his family. The man’s identity and whereabouts were not immediately known.

According to France 2 Special Envoy Maryse Burgot, the militant was 32 years old and was killed in an artillery attack in the Kharkiv region. He joined the Ukrainian International Security Forces, recruiting volunteers from all over the world.

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This is the third French death in Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine February 24. The announcement comes four days later Death of a French journalist Frederick Lecklerk-Imhoff, Killed nearby Siverodonetsk.

Otherwise,The Reuters agency announced Friday that two of its journalists were slightly injured and their driver killed. “During a report, two Reuters journalists were slightly injured in a shooting on the way to Siverodonetsk.”A Reuters spokesman said.

The sixth set of European sanctions against Moscow was formalized

In the middle Barriers to reducing funding Twenty-seven Russians have banned the bulk of oil imports within six months of the war against Ukraine, published Friday in the European Union’s official journal. He expanded his roster to sixty people, including former Russian gymnast Alina Kabeva. Aimed at his character “Campaign” In the Kremlin, the media offered him a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which the latter denied.

“The first victims of this decision are the European consumers (…) I do not rule out the possibility of a major shortage of petroleum products in the EU.”Alexandre Novak, the deputy prime minister in charge of Russian energy, confirmed his role.

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