Trump and Pence at rival rally in Arizona

A former president and vice president of the United States, both aspiring to run in the next presidential election, are supporting two different candidates for governor of Arizona.

Donald Trump and his former Vice President Mike Pence, the two potential Republican candidates for the 2024 US presidential election, held campaign rallies in Arizona on July 22.

The pair, who landed the Republican billionaire in the White House with a successful 2016 campaign, have now split after backing candidates for governor of the southwestern US state after Mike Pence refused to block Democrat Joe Biden’s 2020 victory certificate.

The next day was a meeting of the Commission of Inquiry on the Capitol

This remote dual in Arizona — with Mike Pence supporting Karen Taylor-Robson in Phoenix and Donald Trump in Prescott Valley supporting Cary Lake — came the other day. Revelations about the condition of the former vice president during the attack on the Capitol in Washington, January 6, 2021. Mike Pence, who was there to oversee the certification of the election results, had to hide from rioters, as did many members of parliament on both sides of the aisle.

He has his guardiansThey started fearing for their lives” and “They bid farewell to their families“A White House official said on condition of anonymity before a congressional committee investigating the events of January 6.

Donald Trump has long refused to allow his supporters to leave the congressional building, and in a tweet reprimanded his vice president for not wanting to block the certification, fueling protestors’ grievances. “Arizona finally has a chance for a Super Governor. Vote for Kari Lake“, Donald Trump wrote on his social network Truth Social on Thursday.

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Immigration and the “Stolen” Election of 2020

After keeping the crowd waiting for more than two hours, he focused his Friday speech on immigration — a key campaign issue in Arizona, which shares a long border with Mexico. He quickly moved towards the 2020 elections.Elections were rigged and stolen, and because of that our country is now being systematically destroyed“, he began to a crowd that ignited in response.

For his part, Mike Pence — who tweeted on the upstream “Looking forward to campaigning with the next Governor of Arizona @Karrin4Arizona!– spoke for about twenty minutes before an audience seated in a warehouse. Appreciated the achievementsFour years of the Trump-Pence administration“Briefly criticized the candidate backed by the former president for being a supporter of the former Democratic Party and for his early opposition to Donald Trump.

Arizona Republicans Don’t Need a Governor Who Endorsed Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton“, Mike Pence noted, considering Donald Trump’s allegations regarding the 2020 vote, “If the Republican Party allows itself to be consumed by the hatred of the past, we will lose“.

Donald Trump, who maintains a strong hold on the Republican Party, is more and more openly flirting with the idea of ​​running for president in 2024. Mike Pence has been increasing his interventions with candidates at conventions or local elections. He has not ruled out running against his ex-partner, promising to pray over the issue and that he and his wife, Karen, will go through with it.Where we will be called“.

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