Trump points to early signs of fraud

The former president, who has never conceded his defeat in the 2020 presidential race, has questioned Pennsylvania state officials.

Former President Donald Trump, who has not conceded defeat in the 2020 presidential race, said Tuesday he saw early signs of vote-by-mail fraud in Pennsylvania. Principal State of US midterm elections.

Here we go again! Election fraud!” the Republican billionaire said on his social network, Truth Social. Under the news, he posted an article from an activist site that said Pennsylvania officials sent hundreds of thousands of ballots to unidentified voters.Verified“.

The allegation was rejected by the election officials of the state, which contested the assembly polls heavily. “Democrats know they have bigger problems and are even more hysterical“, Donald Trump already promised on Friday. “Fortunately, great patriots and elected officials are keeping a close eye on all of thissaid the ubiquitous former leader on the campaign trail for the mid-term elections.

The election is taking place in a particularly tense environment, with officials fearing that misinformation and deep political divisions could lead to acts of violence. Some election and elected officials have already said they have noticed an increase in threats and intimidation. In 2020, Donald Trump had already accused officials in several states of rigging postal votes and stealing the presidential election. Millions of Americans still believe this doctrine.

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