Trump wants Putin to confirm the allegations against Biden’s son

Donald Trump Did not participate in the Union of American Policies Against Russia, on the contrary. Thus called Vladimir PutinIn the midst of the war in Ukraine, he reveals compromising information about his son Joe BidenHunter.

The former Republican president, especially during his campaign for the 2020 presidency, returns to the allegations he has repeatedly made, and they have been denied by the person concerned. Hunter Biden is one of Donald Trump’s favorite targets. The Trump camp has consistently criticized the fact that his father had economic interests in Ukraine and China when he was vice president. Barack Obama From 2009 to 2017.

A series of accusations

In an interview aired Tuesday through the show Just the news The media The voice of the real AmericaDonald Trump promises to be the wife of a mayor Moscow Hunter paid $ 3.5 million to Biden and his “family”. “Too much money. He gave her $ 3.5 million and I think Putin will have the answer. I think he should make it public. “I think we need to know that answer,” he said during the interview, which was conducted at his home in Florida, according to his presenters.

Donald Trump had already asked Joe Biden during a pre-presidential debate, “Out of curiosity, why did the Moscow mayor’s wife give your son $ 3.5 million?” “That is not true,” the Democrats replied.

Donald Trump has in the past accused the Ukrainian prosecutor of firing a gas company called Brisma to protect him from corruption because his son was on the board of directors. The “Ukrainian affair” earned the former president a historic dismissal, with the Democratic opposition accusing him of abusing his presidency by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his son’s political and business activities. He was eventually released by the Senate.

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