Two US warships pass through the strait after China’s military maneuvers

Two US warships entered transit in the Taiwan Strait, the US Navy announced on Sunday, August 28. In a statement, the US Navy said in this passage “demonstrated America’s commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific region”.

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait have reached an all-time high following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the self-governing island in early August. In response, China has carried out unprecedented land and sea military maneuvers, and Taiwan has conducted its own exercises to simulate defense against a Chinese invasion.

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“Freedom of navigation and overflight”

Taiwan lives under the constant threat of invasion by Beijing, which considers the autonomous island part of its territory and could one day retake it by force if necessary. Beijing has been fighting any diplomatic move that could confer legitimacy on Taiwan and has reacted with growing aggression to visits by Western officials and politicians.

7e The U.S. Navy clarified that two Ticonderoga-class guided-missile ships, the USS. Antietam and the U.S.S Chancellorsvillehad made a transport “regular” “Freedom of navigation and overflight in applicable waters in accordance with international standards”. She pointed out that both ships were used “A corridor of the Taiwan Strait beyond the territorial waters of any coastal state”The US military has the right“Act where international law allows”.

7e The fleet is based in Japan and is an essential part of the United States’ naval presence in the Pacific. On August 16, Vice Admiral of the 7e Navy, Carl Thomas, described“irresponsible” Beijing fired ballistic missiles at the island during its maneuvers and said the sightings grazed international shipping lanes.

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China is ready to counter any provocation

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) reacted on Sunday, August 28. “Made a big hype” Around the passage of ships in the strait. “The PLA’s Eastern Theater Command monitors and alerts US ships throughout their transit, and is aware of all their movements”Shi Yi, a spokesman for the Chinese military’s Eastern Command, warned his troops “Be on high alert and be prepared (…) to suppress any provocation.”

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said in a brief statement that two US ships had crossed the Taiwan Strait from north to south.

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