Ukraine governor says at least 20 civilians shot dead in their cars in northeast Ukraine

The director of Zaporizhia NPP has been arrested by the Russians, Ukrainian state-owned company Energoatom reports

The director of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, located on Ukrainian territory but occupied by Russian troops, was arrested by Russian patrols, 1 said on Saturday.R October, the public company responsible for operating the Energoatom site.

Igor Murachev was arrested by Russian forces on his way to the plant’s satellite town of Enerhöder at around 4pm on Friday (3pm France time), the group’s head, Petro Godin, said in a statement. “He was taken out of the car, blindfolded and driven to an unknown location.”He explained the telegram message and said there was no immediate information on his fate.

It came hours after Mr Putin signed deals to absorb Moscow-controlled Ukrainian territory into Russia, in a dramatic escalation of his war.

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, currently occupied by Russian troops and located in a part of Ukraine that Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved to illegally annex, has become one of the main issues of conflict between Ukraine, Kiev and Moscow. Bomb each other at the risk of triggering a nuclear holocaust.

Igor Murashov “assumes exclusive responsibility for nuclear and radiological protection” site and his arrest “Affecting the safety of operations of the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine and Europe”, underscored by Pedro Codin. He called in Russian troops “Immediately cease acts of nuclear terrorism targeting management and personnel” Site and Mr. Murachov to publish.

According to the Associated Press (AP), Moscow did not immediately acknowledge the arrest of the plant’s director. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which has staff at the plant’s site, said Mr. Energoatom’s statement regarding Muracho’s seizure was not immediately acknowledged, referring to the PA.

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Ukrainian technicians continued to operate the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant after Russian troops seized it. The last reactor was shut down in September amid continued shelling near the plant.

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