Ukraine: Investigations, detentions, filtering… an NGO’s damning report on “forced displacement” of citizens to Russia

In a report released this Thursday, September 1, Human Rights Watch condemns the de facto deportation of Ukrainian citizens by Russian forces to territories occupied by Moscow.

Human Rights Watch has accused the Russian military of forcibly moving Ukrainian citizens to Russia. In A statement Published on Thursday, September 1, the NGO makes these allegations under the title “We have no choice” (We have no choice). After listening to the words of dozens of people who fled the fighting in Mariupol or Kharkiv regions in the south and east of Ukraine. France info.

“Grievous Violation of the Laws of War”

Human Rights Watch explains that these forced displacements of civilians “are a serious violation of the laws of war, a war crime and a potential crime against humanity.” Ukrainian citizens were transferred to Russian-occupied parts of Ukraine or to Russia.

“Illegal and massive data collection”

The NGO’s report also promotes the process of “filtering” to collect “large amounts of personal data”. This includes “biometric data” such as fingerprints and photos, full face and profile. In addition to physical searches and interrogations of forcibly displaced Ukrainians over their political views, the NGO also detained certain citizens “while awaiting the procedure.”

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“Without any legal basis”, according to the NGO, the process was “an illegal and massive data collection exercise targeting non-Russians by Russian and allied forces outside Russian borders”.

How many Ukrainians have been forcibly displaced?

“While in Russia, some interviewees were pressured to sign, and others were seen signing, documents stating that they had witnessed war crimes committed by Ukrainian forces,” the report continued. While the latter could not estimate the number of forcibly displaced Ukrainians, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk confirmed at the end of June that 1.2 million Ukrainians had been forcibly taken to Russia.

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