Ukrainian army welcomes “liberation of strategic territory” after Russia’s withdrawal from Snake Island

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4:46 p.m. : “We must intensify diplomatic efforts for a lasting ceasefire in Ukraine. Turkey will have no one to lose peace with.”

Ankara has sought to maintain contact with both sides since the start of the war. During a press conference in Madrid, the Turkish president offered to mediate. “We maintain a balanced line, not an aggressive policy. We import more than 40% of our gas from Russia. We are building a nuclear power plant with Russia, all of which are very important to us.”, He justified. And the head of state should plead: “We can achieve more by maintaining balance”.

4:50 p.m. : Minimum tax of 15% on the profits of multinational corporations “Placed in place” Bruno Le Myre, the French Minister for Economy, made the promise during a press conference on the European Union (PFUE)’s decision on economic issues and finances in the EU, with or without Hungary. For its part, to justify its denial, Hungary is emphasizing the consequences of the war in Ukraine on the economy.

4:50 p.m. : A “Iron Curtain” Russian diplomat Sergei Lavrov echoed Winston Churchill’s famous statement that Russia and the West are divided, at a news conference with his Belarusian counterpart Vladimir McGill in Minsk. According to Sergei Lavrov, “This Iron Curtain was made by Westerners today”.

4:27 p.m. : “If you want proof of the incredible ability of the Ukrainians to deal with the misery of the Ukrainians and push the Russians backwards, look at what happened today on Snake Island where Russia had to bang again.”

Russian expulsion from the island of Serpent, territory “Strategic” In the Black Sea, there was a reaction across the channel. “In the end, it will prove impossible for Putin to subdue a country that does not accept his domination.”British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the end of the NATO summit in Madrid.

4:27 p.m. : More than 16 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian assistance, and more than 6 million people are still displaced within the country, the UN humanitarian coordinator in the war-torn country announced in kyiv. “About five million people have now been able to return home, but many know they may be forced to leave again.”, Said Osnat Lubrani during a press conference. It should be noted that according to the International Organization for Migration, which is part of the UN, this number of returns is for both domestic and expatriates.

2:17 p.m. : It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Top news headlines here:

• LFI Vice President Eric Cockrell Won the position of Chairman of the Finance Committee After the third round of voting. For his part, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne, Will conduct its general policy speech Next Wednesday.

More than six years after the November 13 attacks, the Special Aid Court in Paris sentenced Salah Abdeslam to life imprisonment. The other defendants received sentences of up to From two years to life imprisonment.

• தி Rising consumer prices In France And accelerated According to INSEE’s initial estimates, it will be 5.8% a year in June and 5.2% in May.

The return of war in Europe necessitates the strengthening of defensive and defensive positions. “ NATO’s Emmanuel Macron made the announcement during a press conference in Madrid At the Atlantic Alliance Summit.

French swimmer Axel Raymond won the title 25km Open Water World Champion In Budapest (Hungary).

1:55 p.m. : Our effort is historically significant. It’s about respect for law, order and democracy. “Emmanuel Macron concludes that he is now answering questions from reporters.

1:41 p.m. : NATO “Not an alliance against China”, Also recalled the French president. According to him, it is necessary “Taking into account the formal challenges posed by the Chinese uprising”Without opposing this country.

2:33 p.m. : “The return of war in Europe necessitated the strengthening of the prevention and security position.” Of NATO, explains Emmanuel Macron. It also calls for the strengthening of NATO’s military presence east of its borders. To do this, No.We are strengthening our support for the Baltic states. “He explains.

1:36 p.m. : Emmanuel Macron is one of NATO “Nuclear Alliance”. That’s France “Obviously an important contributor” In the case.

1:31 p.m. : About those Caesar guns, franceinfo took part Kiev will receive new models on these important French artillery pieces. On June 16, Emmanuel Macron announced that he would send new copies of the French artillery to Ukrainian forces. (ARIS MESSINIS / AFP)

1:33 p.m. : Head of State also confirmed the presence of the Allies “Unanimous decision to strengthen our economic, human and military support for Ukraine”. The Allies accept their responsibilities, He added. France will soon supply six additional Caesar rifles and armored vehicles to defend against Russia’s brutal occupation.

2:16 p.m. : “The Atlantic Alliance is not at war. Russia alone is responsible for this war and the devastating consequences it will have on all nations.”He also underlined the President. “France, its allies and its European partners have only one side: peace and democracy. And respect for international law “, He added.

1:27 p.m. : “The price to pay to see peace (…) is the price of war, Ukrainians and Ukrainians know”

President Emmanuel Macron speaks at the NATO summit in Madrid (Spain), which has been taking place since yesterday.

12:46 p.m. : Retaliation against Westerners continues in Russia. Russian lawmakers have passed legislation allowing media outlets in designated countries “Friendly”. The law also makes it possible to suspend the Russian media, which has been accused of spreading false information about the conflict in Ukraine.

12:55 pm : We told you about this live, the Russian army withdrew from Snake Island. A withdrawal hailed by the Ukrainian military, it makes itself proud “Liberation of a Strategic Territory”. “I thank the defenders of the Odessa region for doing all they can to liberate a region of strategic importance.”In the telegram welcomed the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Jalojny.

12:38 : Russia claims to have “Over 6,000” Prisoners of war in Ukraine. According to Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenko, Moscow yesterday confirmed the transfer of 144 Ukrainian fighters to several Russian and pro-Russian separatists. Note that this number cannot be verified immediately or independently.

12:31 p.m. : This is the afternoon. Are here Important news headlines :

More than six years after the November 13 attacks, the Special Aid Court in Paris sentenced Salah Abdeslam to life imprisonment. The other defendants received sentences of up to From two years to life imprisonment.

• தி Rising consumer prices In France And accelerated According to INSEE’s initial estimates, it will be 5.8% a year in June and 5.2% in May.

After the third round of voting, rebel Eric Cochrell won the position of chairman of the finance committee. He defeated his RN rival Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

Authorities in Russia, occupied by Russian occupation forces in southern Ukraine, have announced that the first ship loaded with 7,000 tons of Ukrainian grain will depart from the port of Berdyansk.

Climate action in France There is always “Not enough”, High Council Judges for Climate. Independent Power a “Climate action shock” In our country.

11:46 : Russian company Gosprom has dropped its dividend for 2021 amid clashes in Ukraine. “Under these circumstances, the shareholders decided that the dividend payment was inappropriate.”, Pointed out Famil Sadyrov, vice chairman of the board of directors. Shares of the company fell 27% at noon.

11:37 : European Court of Human Rights, seized in emergency proceedings, Asked Moscow (In English) Two British soldiers sentenced to death in Donetsk should not be hanged. Pro-Russian separatist officials They were interrogated for fighting with the Ukrainian army in Mariupol. The ECHR had already sent the same request to the Moroccan soldier to Moscow on June 16.

11:08 : This strategic island, beyond Odessa, was captured by Russia at the beginning of the war, but recently fighting has intensified in the region. Last week, Moscow claimed to have destroyed the drones in a Ukrainian attack and satellite imagery consulted by experts showed the devastation on the island. Other strikes and attacks have already been seen in the past.

(Maxer Technologies / AFP)

10:51 am : The Russian Defense Ministry announced the withdrawal of its troops from the Serbian island, saying they had completed it. “Tasks assigned to them”.

09:37 : The ship left the bustling Berdyansk port with 7,000 tons of grain (In Russian) Head of the administration of the Zaporizhia region controlled by the Russians. The cargo is protected by the Russian Navy. kyiv has been condemning the theft of grain from his land for several weeks.

(Eugene Palitsky / AFP)

06:39 : In the context of the war in Ukraine, what are the main problems for the EU to intervene? This is 63% of the French population inflation and rising prices The European vivacious barometer was examined. Next comes the issue of energy sovereignty (62%) and conflict resolution (59%).


10:27 : Last March, 16th, there was an explosion at the Mariupol Theater “Clearly a war crime” Says the Russian Amnesty International report. Satellite images show no “No Ukrainian army around the theater”. At least a dozen people died in the attack, and “Absolutely more”. The town hall announced that 300 people had died.

(Maxer Technologies / AFP)

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