“Ukrainians should not believe in Russian collapse”

Jean Lopez and Colonel Michael Goya, in May 2023. FRANK FERVILLE/Le Figaro

Vital maintenance – In their book, the two historians paint a snapshot of the war in Ukraine. They provide Picaro Their analysis of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, according to them, “has already begun”.

Michael Goya is a former naval officer and a doctor of contemporary history.Familiar with military circles, he has also been a heavy presence in the media since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Jean Lopez is editorial director Wars & History and historian, author of numerous reference works on World War II and the Soviet military.

Publish together The bear and the fox, an immediate history of the war in Ukraine, whose Le Picaro MagazineExclusively published good papers.

you write”An Immediate History of the War in Ukraine“.What are the difficulties in writing about an ongoing conflict?How do you keep enough perspective?Isn’t it too early?

John Lopez.- Yes and no. Of course it is very early: the term immediate history is ironic. By definition, history is the remoteness of an event, a solid foundation based on evidence, often printed. We areā€¦

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