Vladimir Putin attacked his deputy prime minister

In the middle of a meeting on Wednesday, the Russian president became angry with one of his ministers. Unusual bleeding for the head of state.

Very symbolic anger. Faced with Russia’s economic situation, Vladimir Putin lost his temper in the middle of a meeting on Wednesday, raising his voice in front of his deputy prime minister.

“Mr. Deputy Prime Minister, you have everything ready, but no agreement… I tell you: let’s put an end to this meeting,” Vladimir Putin began first. “Why are we leading? I know there is no contract with the companies, the directors told me,” he continues.

“Why are you playing dumb? When do we get contracts?” asks the Kremlin tenant. Business leaders tell me no deal, you say everything is ready, he closed the queue.

“We are facing a head of state who does not know where he is going”

“If the chef loses his nerve, it’s not a good sign”, analyzed editorial Ulysse Gosset on the set of BFMTV. “In Russia, we see the economy being transformed into a war economy. In particular, we have to sign contracts with industrialists so that they produce weapons rather than conventional goods in peacetime,” he explains.

According to Ulysse Gosset, Vladimir Putin’s nervousness reflects the Russian president’s “nervousness”.

“We are facing a head of state who does not know where he is going, who loses his composure in the middle of a televised meeting of ministers”, he analysed. “This is not the first time that Putin has insulted a member of his government, he may even have done it privately. But to see him today with no results after a year of war is undoubtedly a sign of his difficulty in managing his country,” concludes Ulises Gossett.

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