Volodymyr Zelensky says Russia destroyed “all critical infrastructure” in Kherson

Environmental impact of war: Ukraine’s environment minister says Russia is responsible for the world

Ukrainian Environment Minister Ruslan Strilets announced at COP27 on Monday evening that Russia must take responsibility for the environmental damage caused by the war in Ukraine to the whole world.

He explained during a press conference on the 27th that Kyiv is launching a platform to assess environmental damages caused by military operations in order to receive compensation.e International Climate Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

Kyiv is intended through this site, “Integrating Damage Assessment Approaches Internationally” And “Strengthening Cooperation in Corrections” Among them, he said.

Direct emissions due to fighting are estimated at 33 million tons of CO equivalent2 And he described more than 2,200 cases of environmental damage, resulting in the reconstruction of 49 million tons of destroyed infrastructure and buildings.

Deforested forests, mined and polluted farmlands, polluted rivers: Queue warned in July before European environment ministers, each of them pledged to help their country fight against this damage caused by the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.

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