Volodymyr Zhelensky accuses Russia of causing famine “to create waves of immigration.”

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4:34 p.m. : The day before, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reaffirmed the alliance’s support for Ukraine. “Until it takes”, During the summit of the organization in Madrid. The leaders of the Atlantic Alliance are determined “Strengthen their political and practical support” To Ukraine. They say they have agreed with kyiv on a new assistance program, which is especially necessary “Accelerate the supply of immortal military equipment” Improving Ukraine’s security against cyber attacks.

4:28 p.m. : In Madrid today, NATO has proven that it can make tough, but essential decisions. We welcome a clear position on Russia and access to Finland and Sweden. An equally strong and active position in Ukraine will help maintain Euro-Atlantic security and stability.

4:33 p.m. : Relations between Kiev and NATO members heat up. Welcome to Ukraine “Clear position” NATO on Russia, described “Direct threat” By Coalition Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Ukraine also welcomes the start of the merger process between Finland and Sweden. “Today in Madrid, NATO has proven that it can make tough but essential decisions.”Dmitry Kuleba, President of Ukrainian Diplomacy, welcomed on Twitter.

2:52 p.m. : To go further in this matter, Franceinfo answers three questions about green light Finally Finland and Sweden joined NATO and were provided by Turkey. (Murad Sedin Muhurdar / Turkish Presidential Press Service / AFP)

2:47 p.m. : However, in response to concerns from left-wing parties and the Kurdish community, the foreign minister confirmed in an interview with a Swedish newspaper that he was facing concessions to Ankara. Aftonbladet : “We will not surrender when there is no evidence of terrorist activity. There is no reason for the Kurds to believe their human or democratic rights are in danger.”.

2:49 p.m. : In Sweden, after the surprise agreement signed with Turkey in Madrid regarding NATO membership, public opinion is divided between a sense of relief or anxiety. “It simply came to our notice then [le président turc Recep Tayyip] Erdogan “Said the head of Swedish diplomacy Ann Linde from the Spanish capital.

2:45 p.m. : Russia has said it does not “Intimidated” The forthcoming strengthening of the US military presence in Europe, as announced by US President Joe Biden. “Proposers of such decisions have the illusion that they can somehow intimidate and subdue Russia: they will not succeed.”Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov said.

2:39 p.m. : As a reminder, since the 1930s, the Russians have owned a coal mine in the Svalbard archipelago and the surrounding village of Barentsburg. “Today there are about 500 people in the whole city – all Russians or Ukrainians – they often do not stay there for more than two years because working conditions are very trying,” he said. Anthony Bellanger says in his column “Stories of the World” Broadcast on France Inter.

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2:37 p.m. : According to Sergei Gouchtchine, Russian embassy official in the Arctic archipelago, 20 tonnes of goods, including seven tonnes of food items and the remaining spare parts and equipment, have been seized.

2:38 p.m. : The tone rises between Moscow and Oslo. Russia has accused Norway of blocking the transport of goods to Russian miners working in a Russian-operated coal mine in Svalbard, Norway’s Arctic archipelago. Moscow threatened retaliation against the Nordic country. “We have asked the Norwegian side to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”Russian diplomacy said in a statement that it had summoned the Norwegian minister in charge in Moscow. “We urge non-partisan actions against Russia to lead to retaliation.”He added.

2:12 p.m. : It is 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Top news headlines here:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky spoke via video conference at the NATO summit, which brings together more than 40 heads of state and government in Madrid. During his interventionHe blamed Russia for the famine “Create migration waves”.

Then 10 months listening, Judgment Hour. At the November 13 hearing, the court is set tonight to deliver the long-awaited verdict on the fate of Salah Abdeslam and his co-defendants, who have been on trial since September for the worst attacks ever carried out in France.

The BA.5 subtype, as a result of mutations in the omigran variant, was isolated by health officials in the relapse of the Govit-19 epidemic in France. But where does it come from? Is it highly contagious or dangerous? France Info takes what we know This new variant is in France.

• L ‘French blood system (EFS) for the second time in its history with caution a “Major Emergency Bulletin”, Faced with blood reserve levels in France “Historically declining”.

1:21 p.m. : Finally, the President of Ukraine reaffirmed his support for the integration of Sweden and Finland into NATO. “Sweden and Finland need to join NATO so your organization can protect them”he said.

1:32 p.m. : During his speech, the President of Ukraine also listed the needs of his military. “We need anti-aircraft security system”, Launched by Volodymyr Zelensky. He promised: “You can break the Russian ploy aimed at destroying Ukrainian cities.”. “The distance between Kiev and Madrid is less than the range of their missiles”Warned.

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1:13 p.m. : “Today, in Ukraine, these restrictions that you use are absolutely necessary.”

His speech at the NATO summit was eagerly awaited. In a video conference from Kiev, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky called on leaders to continue sanctions against Russia. “Famine is a tool for creating waves of migration in Europe, an instrument of pressure. This is where the energy goes. Russia is doing this to humiliate you, make you completely dependent and give up your freedom.”He started to help.

1:06 p.m. : Will sanctions against Russia work? The U.S. Treasury says the United States and its allies have frozen more than $ 330 billion in Russian assets since the beginning of the conflict. In detail, Western allies have frozen $ 30 billion in assets held by licensed Russian oligarchs or elites. “Immovable” About 300 billion from the Russian Central Bank. It should be noted that at least five luxury boats and real estate owned or controlled by Russian citizens were confiscated subject to sanctions.

1:03 p.m. : It is not surprising that Moscow is not very favorable at the ongoing NATO summit in the Spanish capital. ‘Madrid summit confirms tendency to control Russia’s occupation camp’ Atlantic Deputy Minister Sergey Ryabkov told Russian news agencies.

12:16 p.m. : This is the afternoon. Are here Important news headlines :

The war in Ukraine is the focus of the NATO summit in Madrid, where the leaders of the countries are meeting to discuss the future of the Atlantic Alliance.

Then 10 months listening, Judgment Hour. At the November 13 hearing, the court is set tonight to deliver the long-awaited verdict on the fate of Salah Abdeslam and his co-defendants, who have been on trial since September for the worst attacks ever carried out in France.

SNCF CEO Jean-Pierre Farandou Invites passengers and SNCF staff At “Wear a mask at stations and on trains”, With the Govt-19 cases on the rise again.

• L ‘French blood system (EFS) for the second time in its history with caution a “Major Emergency Bulletin”Faced with blood reserve levels in France “Historically declining”.

11:20 am : Pro-Russian occupation authorities have announced that rail and bus routes will connect Crimea with the newly occupied territories of southern Ukraine from July 1. This is the first time since Moscow annexed Crimea in 2014 that traffic between the regions has been suspended. Buses run twice a day between the Crimean capital, Simferopol, and the city of Gershon.

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10:37 : America will do “Strengthen their military position in Europe” So can NATO “Respond to threats from all directions and from all domains: land, air and sea”, US President Joe Biden said at the Coalition Summit in Madrid. It’s about Spain, Poland, Romania, the Baltic states, the United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.

10:35 am : President Joe Biden has announced the strengthening of the US military presence across Europe.

09:41 : “No. [Vladimir] Putin is a woman, he is not obvious, in fact I do not think he would be caught up in this crazy armed war. [en Ukraine]. [Cette guerre est] A perfect example of male toxicity. “

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson inspected the outbreak of war in Ukraine last night On the German channel ZDF (In German).

09:37 : The UK has until July 9 to appeal its sentence, which has provoked a number of international reactions. Donetsk separatists consider all three fighters “Mercenaries”, It loses the protection of the Geneva Convention. However, kyiv said they were actually part of the Ukrainian armed forces. Explanations in this article.

09:25 : Britain’s Sean later appeals his death sentence to Donbass, says his lawyer To the Russian company Interfax. He was tried on June 9, along with another British man and Morocco for fighting alongside Ukrainian forces. All three surrendered after being captured by the Russians as Mariupol.

08:32 : Russia a “Direct threat” For that “Security” Says Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the Atlantic Alliance for NATO Nations. More than 40 heads of state and government are meeting in Madrid for a summit dedicated to the future of the organization. Ukraine will be at the center of the war talks, as well as the annexation of Finland and Sweden.

(Javier Soriano / AFP)

08:03 : People living near the shopping center “Amsterdam” in Kremenchuk (Ukraine) were shocked by the Russian strike, which left twenty people dead and dozens injured and missing on Monday. They deny the version of the Russian military that allegedly attacked a nearby military depot. Four giant cranes are installed on site to lift pieces of metal structures.

(Genia Savilov / AFP)

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