‘Wakanda Forever’ Eyes Makes $64M In Its Second Weekend, Fans Pick ‘The Chosen’ With $10M – Box Office Update Deadline

Friday afternoon update: Disney and Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda Furfs You’re looking at -65% down in its second weekend at this point in time, which would translate to about $64 million After Friday is priced between $17 million and $19 million. The picture has a shot to the tune of $70 million. Ten day running total for Wakanda forever At its current rate it will fall at $284.7 million in 4,396 theaters, which was 3% in arrears Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness At the same time.

what Wakanda has that Doctor 45% of K-12 schools weren’t out Monday and 17% of colleges were out going all out on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Note that Black Friday is usually a huge day at the box office. Expect black panther 2 To apply during the Wednesday through Sunday holiday spread.

“The Chosen One,” courtesy of Fathom Events

No. 2 is very strong The Chosen One: Season ThreeAnd the Fathom Events is screening Episodes 1 and 2 in 2,012 theaters. 3.7 million dollars today and $10 million for the weekend. Angel Studios Season 3 Logline: Jesus completes a sermon that turns the world upside down, all twelve disciples (including newcomer Judas) are ready to follow him to the ends of the earth. But problems remain. Matthew grapples with estrangement from his family. Andrew visits the imprisoned John the Baptist. Mary and the women must find a source of income. Simon and Eden bear the costs of following Jesus. More importantly, the disciples face their greatest challenge yet when Jesus sends them, two by one, to preach and perform miracles without Him.

searchlight search in $8 millionwith the possibility of simulation barbaric and exceeded $10 million. At least $3 million today including previews in 3,211 theaters.

(From left) Megan Twohy (Carey Mulligan) and Judy Cantor (Zoe Kazan) in She saidDirected by Maria Schrader.

Jojo Wilden / Universal Pictures

The fourth goes to New Line/DC’s Black Adam In 3,372 theaters, with a fifth Friday price of $915,000, $3.4 million weekend down -58% and grossing $155.9 million by Sunday.

The fifth goes to Universal Heaven ticket in 3,268 theaters, which sees a fifth Friday with $880,000, $2.9 million weekend and running total of $61.2 million. The George Clooney and Julia Roberts romantic comedy is available to view on PVOD.

Global newsroom drama She said In 2022 theaters $800,000 and a $2.25 million Opening on the sixth.

'food menu'

Anya Taylor-Joy in “The Menu”


Previous Friday morning exclusive: Horror comedy of the absurd genre from Searchlight food menu We’re off to a promising $1M+ start in Thursday night previews, we hear. That number is up there with recent companies like barbarian which made $850,000 on a Thursday night before a $10.5 million opening, and Northmananother Anya Taylor-Joy movie, made $1.35 million before starting at $12.2 million.

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An opening weekend tribute to director Marc Millhaud food menu, It stars Ralph Fiennes, Nicholas Hoult, John Leguizamo, and others. He has a net worth of around $8 million. If this movie reaches $10 million, it will be a great oasis of counter-programming in the face of Disney and Marvel Studios’ giant sequels. Black Panther: Wakanda Forever And thewhich is expected to do a second weekend in the $70 million range. This preview number for food menu It includes some cashback from Wednesday and previews that started at 5pm on Thursday. The pic is rated 91% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and currently has a good audience score of 83%.

Wakanda forever It posted $7.5 million Thursday, -8% from Wednesday, for a first week of $220.7 million. The pic crossed $400 million worldwide on Wednesday.

She said , Universal movie about The New York Times Reporters who exposed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein aren’t expected to do much this weekend, in low single digits. Previews from 1,600 theaters that started at 5 p.m. were only $160,000. Remember, despite any low earnings from these post-pandemic-era art house genre films, awards season opportunities won’t slow down. I mean, some of the big award contenders don’t even mention their box office earnings. She said It has an 85% Critics Certified Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes and has a 92% audience rating from the few that have seen it.

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