War in Ukraine – Mobilization in Russia: Bleeding Confirmed Nearly 100,000 Russians have entered Kazakhstan since September 21.

Ever since Vladimir Putin announced a mobilization order for the occupiers, the Russians’ exodus has been confirmed.

“As of today, around 98,000 Russians have entered Kazakhstan since September 21”This Tuesday the head of the Migration Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan was quoted by a Russian press agency. Rhea Novosti. The Central Asian country, a former Soviet Republic member of the Soviet Union, shares nearly 7,000 km of border with the Russian Federation.

In support of these figures Aslan Atalikoven notes, “Verified Data” “From Border Service” Kazakh.

Vladimir Putin has ordered a “partial military mobilization,” which typically involves nearly 300,000 men. The FSB (Russian Secret Service) report, revealed on Monday, prompts the exodus of more than 260,000 Russian citizens in 10 days.

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Security Promise

Earlier today, Kazakhstan’s president agreed at a public meeting in the country’s southern Turkestan region. “Many people have come to see us from Russia in the past few days.”

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Posts on social networks report several kilometers of traffic jams at Kazakh border crossings.

“They are forced to leave because of a hopeless situation“And “We have to take care of them and ensure their safety.”Added Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The Kazakh leader has already expressed his opposition to the Russian aggression against Ukraine in the name of respect “Territorial Integrity of a State” who “A cardinal principle” is “inalienable”..

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