War in Ukraine: Russian offensive escalates, with thermophilic weapons attacking Donbass

Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Kanna Malyar said on Thursday that fighting in eastern Ukraine had reached “maximum intensity”. The industrial city of Zhivrodonetsk in the west of the Luhansk region is almost completely surrounded by Russians. This Friday, separatists claimed control of Lyman’s stronghold in Donbass. Thermobaric weapons are said to have been fired against Ukrainian positions in the area.

Regional Governor Sergei Kaitoi announced Friday morning that at least five civilians had been killed in the Lukansk region of eastern Ukraine, the epicenter of heavy fighting with Russian troops. He said four civilians had been killed and 50 buildings damaged in the regional capital, Severdonetsk, which was under the control of Ukrainian authorities as the Russians tried to seize it.

Russian TOS-1A shell Ukrainian positions in the Donetsk region, near Novomykhailivka. This is the biggest and most brutal war of the 21st century. Ukraine is ready to retaliate. To do this, we need NATO-style MLRS. Immediately. pic.twitter.com/XwdBfAfEq8

– Security of Ukraine (efDefenceU) May 26, 2022

An area particularly exposed in recent hours to the Russian attack on Donbass. This is because new images released on May 25 show the use of the Russian TOS-1A Multiple Rocket Launcher System (MLRS) during the attack in Ukraine.

The strikes are said to have taken place near Novomikilivka and Lyman in the Donetsk region of Donbass. In the footage, you can see the shock waves caused by thermoporic bombs, causing multiple explosions simultaneously during the attack.

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Such a weapon would be indispensable in breaking such tough defenses as Ukrainian units use trench lines for their defense in the Donbass region.

Brady Africa of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a think tank dedicated to foreign and security policy, is releasing a series of pictures showing the “fires recently discovered by NASA’s FIRMS in the Donetsk region in Lyman.”

However, Russia’s use of TOS-1A is considered a war crime by many scholars, but there are no specific international laws prohibiting the use of these rockets in conflict.

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